How do you feel about people you deem different?

The Myth Of the "Other"

"Otherness” is a constructed hierarchy of superiority and inferiority designed to oppress individuals and groups based on gender, race, ethnicity, faith, mental and physical ability, and more.

Otherness seeps into our world-views from childhood, informed by "us vs them" rhetoric, bigoted "jokes," and fear-mongering tactics used by politicians, pundits, religious leaders, tastemakers and often our parents, teachers and peers.

Why must we reject this myth?

Othering is at the root of white supremacy, sexism, ableism, transphobia, xenophobia and all prejudiced antagonism.

Othering is leveraged to sway public opinion into supporting war, genocide, enslavement, exploitation, theft and disenfranchisement.

It is used by ruling classes to divide people, expand powers and amass wealth.

It spawns fear-based world-views, scarcity-mindsets and limiting beliefs.

 Our Beliefs

We're similar in the deepest ways.
We are not scared of differences.
We know diversity enlightens us.
We must unite to sustain our future.

 The Mission

Dispel myths used to justify violence.
Shed our internalized "us vs them" mentality.
Eliminate all prejudiced antagonism and bigotry.
Unify and heal through fearless free-thinking.
Recall eternal wisdom— we are all sacred.

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