Dear World, Love Trans People

Notes from humans who are transgender and so much more.


Support saves lives. It saved mine.

Us asking for equality is not asking for special treatment.

Not everyone's journey is the same.

The people who love us need to be out and proud about being with us.

There are way more of us than you probably think.

It doesn’t matter why or what makes us trans*, just that we are. We deserve to be accepted and appreciated regardless— not psycho-analyzed and “treated” by someone who wants to rationalize our humanity.

Some people identify as trans men and trans women, while some trans people identify just as men and women.

Being LGBTQIA+ is only one part of our identity. We are not your trans friend, your gay friend, your POC* friend... we’re your friend and we happen to be trans or other. I am a Christian, an audio engineer, a brother, a son. I’m no lesser for any parts of my identity.

Instead of trying to pinpoint our trauma and ask us about our past to identify “why we’re trans”... don’t!!

There is more to me than just being trans.

Transitioning is a personal and sensitive subject. If a trans person is open to talking with you about their experience, treat the conversation with the same respect that you would hope someone would treat a subject personal to you.

Not all trans people identify in binary terms.

Trans people don’t bite.

Sexuality has nothing to do with gender.

Hmmmm... Everyone should know... That asking us about our anatomy is tacky lol.

I think it's important for everyone to know that "transgender" is a vast umbrella term that means something different to each trans person. Therefore, no two trans people share the same ideas and experiences completely.

I'm not an alien. I'm not a punching bag. I'm just a human trying to be happy.

We can't change who we are but you can change your opinion of us.